Thursday, February 12, 2009


We finally did it:
Jack had his first accident-free day yesterday!

It wasn't even an easy day; we went to story time at the library, then to the park and he managed not to pee in his pants. So far so good today, too!

Next step: he wore underwear to bed for nap time. He's been dry after his naps all week, so I figured we could give it a shot!


VeRonda said...

Good for him!! A major feat for the both of you... I'm sure you put in a lot of hard work, too. LOL!

BTW, great site picture.

The Cobbs said...

Thanks, VeRonda!
Actually we had another accident-free day yesterday, so we are really making serious progress! :)

Thanks about the photo too...I actually took it, so you just made my day! :)