Sunday, February 22, 2009

A nice, relaxing weekend...


This weekend was supposed to be a great time for Bo and I to have some quiet alone time. We had a leaders' retreat to attend on Saturday, so my parents had offered to take Jack up to Wintergreen with them Friday afternoon and keep him until Sunday.

On Friday, everything went according to plan; my dad said that even the drive up to Wintergreen was uneventful. Unfortunately as soon as they arrived at the house, things changed.

Jack started acting weird and he threw up at dinner. I was concerned, but Jack throws up pretty easily so I decided to wait until morning before panicking.

Saturday around 5:30 am I got a text message from my mom saying that Jack had the flu coming out "both ends."

I panicked and called her. She assured me that he was better that morning and that she would keep me updated. By the time Bo and I left for our retreat at 9am, Jack hadn't vomited at all that morning, so we figured we were home free.

Not so. In the midst of the retreat I got another text from my mom telling me that Jack had puked again. We decided to go up to Wintergreen as soon as the retreat was over, despite the fact that we had no extra clothing or overnight supplies. We needed to be with our baby!!

After the retreat ended at 3:00 we made the 2-hour trek up to Wintergreen. By the time we got to my parents' house, Jack seemed to be doing much better. He was walking around, talking and even playing a little, despite the fact that he still had severe diarrhea.

At dinner time I gave him a small piece of bread to eat. He had two bites--nibbles really, they were such small bites--and promptly threw up. We put him in the bath for a couple of minutes and then gave into his pleas to go "night-night in my bed." He went to sleep at about 6:30pm and I paged the doctor on-call with his pediatrician's office.

At 8:15pm we still had not heard back from the doctor, so we called again. This time the doctor called right back. His advice was Pedialyte (and if he doesn't improve today we'll have to take him to the ER, so please pray for us!!).

We didn't have any Pedialyte, so Bo and I (at about 8:30) took off for Waynesboro and the nearest Wal-Mart, about 40 minutes away.

We finally got back at about 10pm. We woke Jack up and had him drink some Pedialyte (orange, because that is his favorite color). He sipped a little of it, then cried a little, then went back to sleep. I collapsed onto the bed in my mom's awesome MC-Hammer-style windpants from the early '90's and my dad's giant long-sleeved t-shirt and Bo collapsed next to me. We slept until about 7:40am, when Jack woke up.

Jack woke up in a good mood, comparatively. We drove the two hours home from Wintergreen this morning without incident, and he even ate a few Cheerios along with his Pedialyte. He still has diarrhea but I'm hoping if we can get some carbs into him that will help.

Please pray for us!

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Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

You poor thing and poor little Jack! I hope he is feeling better!