Monday, February 22, 2010


By the time Jackson was 16 months old, he had had 8 ear infections. And so he got tubes put in his ears--what a world of difference! For 17 months he was ear infection-free! And then this past summer, the tubes came out, as they are supposed to. Almost immediately thereafter, Jack got an ear infection.

In the last 6 months, the poor guy has had 5 ear infections, and so this morning, he got his second set of ear tubes.

It was a pitiful affair. First, the poor guy was deprived of his breakfast. He was miserably hungry, and his surgery didn't actually take place until about 9:30. All morning he kept crying on and off and telling me he was hungry. I felt so bad for him!

Then came the time when they took him away. Parents are obviously not allowed to be in the operating room, so the nurse takes the kid back to be anesthetized and operated-on.

Pretty much one of the worst feelings in the world comes from having your terrified, crying child pried out of your arms. I hated it. But thankfully I knew that it was a minor procedure, and it ended up taking less than 15 minutes total. We were able to go back and see Jack even before he woke up, and I was very thankful that we could be there when he came to.

After he woke up, he drank a juice box and went back to sleep (in the car) for about an hour. Then...IHOP! All he could talk about was getting some bacon and eggs, so we took him to where breakfast food is born: IHOP. He ate a bit, slept in the booth a bit, etc. He was very groggy...but after eating definitely perked up! He took another 1.5 hour nap and is now almost back to normal (a bit calmer than usual, but I'm not complaining :) ).

The good part of all this is that he probably won't have another ear infection for a very long time!!!!!!! He's such a good, brave boy. I'm so proud of him.

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Bob; Carrie DeLille said...

I keep forgetting you're blogging again!! It'll be a great "live" photo album/journal for you one day.