Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Cold.

I don't much care what anyone else has to say on the subject: to me, 42 degrees = cold.

I know it's probably a bit early to be whining about it, but I am going to go ahead and do so anyway: I am over the whole "winter" thing. I honestly didn't expect moving to Virginia to be too much of an adjustment, but I think I was majorly spoiled by the easy Texas winters.

Not only am I sick of the cold weather, I am also sick of dry skin, sweaters, freezing cold feet, and the sound of scraping ice!!!! WORST. SOUND. EVER. Only to be rivaled by the sound of creaking/crunching snow. I shiver just thinking about it. It actually makes me feel nauseous.

Honestly, I applaud those of you who are brave enough to live in the frigid North. I cannot imagine how cold your toes must be.

I was born in Michigan and lived there until I was 8. I then lived in Connecticut for 4 years, so I have experienced the whole "long, cold, snowy winter" thing...but that was a long time ago. And apparently my tolerance for cold has decreased by at least 75%.

Of course I have romanticized memories of snow: sledding with my sisters down steep, death-trap embankments; walking to the school bus stop in a blizzard; etc.

But I seriously doubt I could tolerate a winter any colder than this. Anywhere north of Virginia and I would surely perish.


Joyful said...

Well, the weather certainly seems to be the topic of many blogs today! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you were able to link over to my friends post and see the beauty of Niagra Falls. I thought her pic's were breathtaking.

Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming for a visit.

Suz said...

I am born and raised Texan and subsequently, I am decidedly a sub-tropical person. When I went to West Virginia for a conference and the people from cold climates couldn't fathom why we were making frowns instead of being overjoyed at the site of the 5 inches of snow that fell over night, we calmly explained that they'd feel the same way if they spent 6 weeks in 100+ degree days with us.

lisasmith said...

I found you from Joy...I think anybody that wants to meet her must be super cool! (no pun intended)

I live in Texas. It's 42 and I cannot get warm. I have purchased a wool sweater and wool socks for the winter. Seriously, I'm freezing! Did you know it actually snowed here just before Christmas? First time in 20 years. It's cold!!

Have a cozy evening!!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I hear that!! I don't know about your part of VA, but we've only had one ice storm and it was enough. I could barely walk to work!!