Monday, January 4, 2010


Our pipes burst this weekend. WOW was that never realize how much water you use, until you don't have any!!!! Not to mention the fact that our landlord just does not care, as is the case with most landlords, unfortunately. The good thing about the fact that we are renting, though, is that we don't have to pay for the repairs. YAY!

In other news, Lily has slept 11+ hours the last 5 nights in a row. I'm thinking this is becoming permanent and I love it! She had consistently been sleeping about 9 hours but this past week she jumped to 11. I am not complaining! As we speak, she is napping like an angel in the next room. :)

I took Jack outside while Lily was napping this morning, despite the FRIGID temperature. He really wanted to go outside, so we bundled up and out we went. We played on the swingset for a while until he complained that his hands were cold.


Beth said...

I always think it's so funny that people in Virginia describe anything below 40 degrees as "frigid" :) On our way back from Michigan the outside temp gauge on the car said "15 degrees."

Bummer about your pipes! I hope that gets resolved asap.

Suz said...

Its 37 outside here and I'm in fear of hypothermia. Don't judge me.