Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's the deal with technology, anyway?

So, 12 days ago we bought a new computer. Yesterday, it died.

Bo and I were just minding our own business, watching Lost via, when the computer decided to restart itself. We thought it was weird and figured we'd need to have it looked at, but otherwise just went about our business.

A few minutes later it happened again...and before we could even get the thing rebooted, it did it again...and then never started up all the way again.

Thankfully, hhgregg's return policy gives us a window of 15 days, and it had only been 11, so today Bo returned the hunk of junk (RIP, Toshiba), and got an amazing discount on a new Sony VAIO. WOOP WOOP! hhgregg is trying to compete with Best Buy (the local king), so they are definitely willing to help a sister out. Although they did try to charge us a 20% restocking fee. But we nixed that reeeeeal quickly.

Oh, and the new computer is pink. Rock on.

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