Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Calculated Reaction

As election day enters its final hours and an end draws near, most people are spending the day wondering what the outcome will be. I count myself among that number, but at the same time it is easy to let that uncertainty turn to concern, and concern all too often turns to worry.

Let me be radical for a minute and suggest that worry is offensive to God. Not only is it futile, it shows a remarkable lack of faith. Any Christian will agree that God is all-powerful, but does every Christian really believe that? If so, then there would be no worry.

As election day closes and the fate of our country is revealed--not decided, for it was decided before any of us ever saw the light of day--let us all remember that God is in charge. Whether the White House becomes blue or red, let's remember that no one comes to power apart from God.

The God who has His eye on the sparrow has His eye on the White House of the United States of America today and always, so no matter the outcome, do not lose heart. This country is His, and He will do what is best for those within this country who serve Him. I choose to trust in the vision of the One who sees the whole picture.

And no matter how the election ends, we all as Christians should--MUST--gather behind the new president, no matter his name, and pray for guidance for him and all of our government officials. They are only human and they need God's help, just as we all do.

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