Sunday, September 21, 2008


This has been our last weekend in Austin.
Today was our last weekend at our beloved church.
It was our last Sunday afternoon perusal of the Sam's club on 290.
Our last family shopping trip to HEB.
Tonight will be our last dinner out with friends in Austin.

Of course we will be visiting (probably in March), but it is still a weird feeling to know that we are leaving THIS WEEK. I don't think it has completely sunk in yet; it will probably hit us as we cross the Texas/Arkansas border...Bo and I met here in Austin, and we have spent our entire courtship and marriage here, so it is definitely going to be a change of pace...but I think the change of pace is going to be awesome.

We're on our way out, Texas. Farewell, friend.

Get excited, Virginia.


Mcin said...

Lucky Ducks!!! I love moving. You get to have fall and winter I'm so jealous. :D

Suz said...

on the bright side... you were still in Virginia when you and I fell in love, so there's that. I'm gonna miss y'all even more than I already do, but I'm excited about your visits and I'm dead serious that I'm going to come visit you, too. I love you BIG TIME.