Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

For us, Labor Day will be both a holiday and, well, a day to labor.

The packing is well underway. With my upcoming planned visit to Virginia fast approaching (Jack and I leave Wednesday) and the possibility that our last day in Texas will be Sept. 19 (Jack and I return on Sept. 12) in consideration, we have decided that it would not be smart to put off the inevitability of packing our life into boxes.

So far it is going well--I have packed all of my clothes into labeled suitcases, the bathrooms are packed, and all of the decorations are packed. The linens are packed except for 4 towels.

It is really a strange feeling, knowing that we may not see these things again for 2 or maybe even 3 months, by the time we find our own place! We are trying to label everything really clearly so we will know which things to keep with us and which to send to storage.

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Suz said...

um, yea it is. I hate that most of my life is in boxes in my parents' garage. We started out labeling clearly, but because we had about a day and a half to do it all, that went out the door and I have no idea what's in a bunch of the boxes - which are labeled appropriately (ie: random crap left over in the living room). Good luck, honey.