Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Week and Beyond From Bo

I know that I hardly write to this post, but lately we've been and especially I've been feeling a tug in a direction (like Eryn said, no details yet) that would challenge my family in a lot of ways but I feel that God is in the driver seat here and we are the grateful passengers of our Lord. For months we've been in a situation that has caused a lot of stress, pain, and suffering and we've prayed individually and together that God would relieve us of this situation and when he would open that door, we would jump in and follow. Well, we are at the praying for confirmation stage and as soon as we both agree that God has completely called us to do this, we will go. I just ask that everyone keep us in your daily prayers, and to our closest friends and family, we ask for 100% full support. Praise God, and praise Him in everything, the good and the bad. Thank you all, and have a great Fourth of July celebrating this great country and our freedom.

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