Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Regarding Bo's job

A few months ago, Bo applied for a promotion with Enterprise. It would be a HUGE deal--gigantic raise, etc. We just found out yesterday that he made the first cut. They cut from 1500 applicants down to 50, and Bo is in that top 50. In 2 weeks, they will make another cut, this time down to the top 5. Please pray that Bo makes the cut. This job would just be amazing for us, and if it is God's will, we would love the opportunity to take on this challenge. It would be great for Bo's career!!!

In other news, I took Jack to story time at the library today--he LOVED it! He was entranced by the librarian, and he just thought it was so cool to sit in a room with other kids and read books together. Afterward we played a bit outside the library and he was in heaven. I love seeing him so happy; it is such a blessing to see such reckless abandon. That child does not have a care in the world. I forgot what that is like!! You don't see that with people my age, or even with people over the age of 3! Toddlerhood is a very special time, and sometimes, with all the fit-throwing and "NO!" screaming, I forget how very special and wonderful it is. I mean, there was a gravel path, some benches, and a bush with flowers on it, and Jack thought it was the coolest place in the universe. He scooped up the gravel, touched and smelled the flowers, climbed on the benches, and thought he was the king of the world.