Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internet Troubles

I cannot begin to explain the world of internet problems we have had for the past week. The good news is that we are finally up and running with a new provider. It is 9 pm and the guys that installed it just left.

After 9 hours on the phone trying to get AT&T to fix the internet they broke (it was working then their workers did something with the phone line and it stopped working), they finally decided to tell us that we are "too far out" to get DSL. That is ridiculous for several reasons, one of which is that we are less than 3 miles from where we previously had service and we are pretty much still in the middle of the city of Austin. Anyway, after much fruitless conversation, we finally told them to cancel our account and now we are using Time Warner Cable's Roadrunner internet. They came and installed it the day after I called. It's more expensive, but I get reimbursed by my work anyway. Also, we're getting a home phone line as a package deal--we don't actually have a phone hooked up to it yet but whatever! :)

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