Monday, May 5, 2008


This is Bo. I am so excited that Eryn and I have begun our journey with adopting our daughter. Everytime I think about her in my life I realize, along with Jackson, I begin to understand the importance of being a Christ following father. For so many years I chased meaningless things and I fell into much sin by placing pointless, worldly things in front of Christ. But I was thinking in the car the other day and I prayed (with my eyes open of course) that God would strengthen my daily walk and that the poor examples that I grew up knowing and the sad ones that I see today will only encourage me more to lead my daughter and son to follow after God's own heart. Keep that in your prayers!!!


Suz said...

Bo, you're a wonderful example of a Christian man, husband, and father. There aren't enough like you out there!!

Bob & Carrie DeLille said...

So awesome to read where your heart is, Bo.