Friday, May 2, 2008

Exciting Stuff

Okay, now that I have a minute, I will tell you all the real reason I've started the blog. I mean, it really is to keep you all updated on our lives, but it's also because we have exciting news--we are going to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia!

Bo and I have been praying about adopting for a few months now, and this morning we finally got our answer. This morning, when I was doing my Bible study, I got an overwhelming "yes"!

I contacted Lutheran Social Services of the South, and they are sending us paperwork to get started. They will do our home study, and Christian World Adoptions will be our adoption agency.

My awesome parents have offered to fund the adoption, which is awesome because there is no way we could ever afford this on our own--but the Lord has provided through them! We are also going to apply for financial aid through Kingdom Kids. As far as thinking about the cost of raising another child--well, that is in the Lord's hands. We know we are doing His will, so we know He will take care of us. I'm not worried! "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

The adoption process will probably take a year, maybe more, especially since we want to adopt a 1-2 year old. The younger ones take longer.

Bo and I are both really excited. It feels good when you know you are doing the right thing. We may experience problems and hurdles along the way, but I have absolutely no doubt that this is going to happen!

I asked Jackson this morning if he wants a sister, and he said "Oh yeah." I cracked up, and just to be sure, I asked him again. He said "Yeah!" and he sounded a little annoyed that I asked him a second time!


jen said...

This is awesome you guys! We are so happy! I know God is going to bless this step of faith. Yeah, go God!
in Him,
the Cogburns
Job 42:2

Bob & Carrie DeLille said...

We're thrilled about your love for orphans, Eryn. We're so excited there will be one less child without parents, thanks to you following Him.
Mom and Dad