Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So I realize it has been almost 2 months since my last post. Oops!

This past weekend, we moved into a rental house. It's nice to have our own place. Unfortunately the place was filthy when we moved in so that has added an extra element of stress to an already stressful event. Good times. So in all our spare time we are scrubbing inactive baseboard heating units, washing windows, and bleaching grout.

All of this excitement has apparently led to overexertion resulting in swelling. Yep, my feet and hands and legs are all swollen. I never had swelling when I was pregnant with Jack, but just the right amount of heat and stress have done it to me this time!

In other news, I am almost 29 weeks along and Lily is doing great! She's growing perfectly, so that is the rose-colored lens through which I see life these days. :)

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Suz said...

In other exciting news, blogger just let me read that post without any problems. My beloved Family Cobb will be receiving a gift next week.

And give Jack a kiss for me and tell him how much I miss him.