Thursday, April 16, 2009

God pulled one over on us...

So you may recall that a few short weeks ago, Bo and I were lamenting the loss of a possible huge promotion. Since then, he has received a small promotion, and we are content with what God has given us.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Bo decided to go ahead and apply and interview for 2 branch manager positions that had opened up. Although he has only been an assistant manager in Virginia for about 3 weeks (typically it's a matter of 6 months at least (usually more) before you can be a branch manager), he had been an assistant in Texas for quite a while (a year I think?), so he decided to go ahead and try his best to convince everyone that he was the guy for the job.

He came out of his two interviews yesterday with very distinct impressions. The first was for a position in Farmville (90 minutes away!!!). He thought it went really well, so I was happy for him. The second was for a position on West Broad Street (about 25 minutes away), and he thought that interview went terribly. He got the impression that the guy interviewing him there really wanted nothing to do with him.

We knew that either position was a long shot, and after his interviews, we figured that if he were to get one of them, it would probably be the Farmville one.

We were wrong; he did NOT get the Farmville one.

He got the West Broad one.


We are so thrilled; Bo is shocked and ecstatic! This means a significant pay raise and a company car!!!!!

I am constantly amazed by God. We couldn't see the whole plan; we never can. One month ago we were devastated that Bo had missed out on a big promotion. Today we are thrilled that he has gained a wonderful, huge, different promotion.

God really does cause all things to work toward good to those who love Him. I always knew it was true, but this is a clear example of it in our lives. Amazing.

In other news...
We heard the baby's heartbeat again today...briefly. The nurse had a really hard time getting a reading of more than a few seconds because that little bugger would not hold still! It was so funny; the nurse would find a good, strong heartbeat, and a second later it would be gone. Then she'd find it again on the other side of my abdomen...and then it would be gone. Then she'd find it up near my rib cage...and then it would be gone. Looks like we have another energetic baby on our hands!! :)

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