Sunday, August 10, 2008


It has been a fun weekend! Well, Saturday was the most active day--we went to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market in the morning. We got some of the BEST coffee I have ever had. I mean seriously, it is amazing. It is an organic fair trade coffee from Ethiopia and I could drink it all day long; it is delicious! Plus the profits go back to Ethiopia!

After Jack's nap we went to the Austin Ice Cream Festival. It was fun...but really hot!! We had a good time anyway and Jack enjoyed his "isees" (ice cream in Jackson-ese) He has such a sweet tooth!

After we tired of frying in the Texas sun, we decided to head over and check out the new Sports Authority store that just opened. They have a big golf section with a putting green and a little computerized driving range thingy, so Bo had fun with that while I lusted after all the beautiful Nike and Puma exercise clothes that I can't afford! Jack had a blast watching Bo play golf, and he even got to play a little himself! The employee working the golf area went and got him a little putter so he got to play just like Daddy. He was very, very excited!

Today was church, which was wonderful as always. We started teaching 1 Timothy in the TILT class this week.

Something cute about Jack (you know I have to do it):

This morning we were eating breakfast and I looked over to see Jack with his hands folded and head bowed, mumbling to himself. Then he looked up and said "Amen!" It was the cutest.