Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Praise the Lord and give Him thanks, tell everyone what He has done! That old song just keeps running through my mind.
We waited today to hear the report on Greg's pet scan....the report was, and I quote "FAVORABLE!" Oh how shamed I felt as I realized my faith, as always, was not where it was supposed to be-it was supposed to be BELIEVING and yet, when I saw caller ID said it was my brother, I was almost scared to answer. Oh what joy, what thankfulness he was feeling, I am feeling. With this new hope, I know we will watch him grow strong!! I couldn't contain my tears of sheer unadalterated joy. My poor confused children...Mom, you cry when you're sad, you cry when you're happy!?!?!
Now, to kick in the next chemo and get him here for a May 7 wedding!!

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