Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I hear the secrets that you keep....

...when you're talking in your sleep....

Or in Jack's case, when he's walking in his sleep.

Sunday night, around midnight, I heard Jackson's door creak open. Then I heard his little pitter-patter run down the hallway toward the family room. Then he stopped and the pitter-pattering came back toward our bedroom at the end of the hall.

Our bedroom door opened and he scampered in. "It's showtime!"

"Whaaaa?" Was all I could manage.

"Daddy said it's showtime!" Sleep-walking Jackson responded.

"What are you talking about, Honey?"

"Daddy said it's showtime!"

"Let's get you back in bed."


I got him back in bed and went back to sleep. Only the next day did I realize how bizarre and hilarious it all was....sigh....a sign of things to come? Do I really want a sleep-walking son?! AAAAHHHH!!!

I remember my cousin Jason used to sleep-walk. It was a little scary. One time he even went and got into his parents' van. Thank God he never figured out how to start it up in his sleep....

Anyway, hopefully all Jack will do is declare "showtime." I'd be okay with that. It's harmless and quite funny.

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